Communication & Presentation Skills for Professional Impact

Communication is the most important skill set any professional can polish. Powerful communication leads to increased sales, greater business opportunities, or perhaps a coveted promotion. Confident communicators enter a room with ease. They come across as authentically connected to their surroundings, and they have an aura of positive presence around them. It’s what you wear, it’s how you carry yourself, give a handshake, the way you sit, stand and speak.

The goal of this professional impact course is to give you the communication tools and presentation skills that will help you be perceived as credible, knowledgeable and confident.

You will learn powerful techniques and skills essential for you to persuade and influence the individuals and groups around you. With confidence, ability and the skills to influence your clients, colleagues and bosses you will achieve your own and your organisation’s goals and successes.

The small group settings of up to twelve candidates is designed to be highly participative and practical with significant time for individual guidance. In addition to training will also receive two hours of online or telephone sessions with your dedicated Personal Leadership Mentor before and after training days.

Throughout this practical training and mentoring program you will learn valuable strategies and techniques,  recognise how to maximise your strengths, challenge your limitations and refine your leadership skills.

You may choose to attend the training sessions as a standalone programs  or continue to study this subject with Hallmark Online Learning to achieve:

The Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

You will be able to study for your Certificate at your own pace through Hallmark Online Learning.   You will receive:

  • Step by step structured learning materials
  • Unlimited tutorial support
  • Access to extensive management and leadership learning resources.
Leadership is not just a set of skills. It is something that comes from the inside that others believe in and want to follow. Let us help you to master the personal and professional skills of leading people,

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • communicate confidence and credibility in any professional arena
  • understand the link between image and business success
  • nurture a professional image and communication style that fits with your personality
  • communicate with clarity and confidence
  • keep your audience engaged with enthusiasm and clear communication.
  • interact with your audience, taking questions and feedback.
  • handle difficult topics and people.

Evaluate your credibility

  • Understand the importance of credibility
  • Identify key factors that influence whether we are perceived as credible
  • Assess how others see you
  • Communication style, self-analysis/skills audit
  • Plan what you will do to increase your credibility starting today

 Create the Right Impression

  • First impressions and appearance
  • Confidence and presence
  • Control your nerves and build confidence
  • Adapt your body language to reinforce your speech

Positive and Assertive Communication

  • Develop your personal communication style
  • The power of positivity
  • Express your ideas in an assertive and effective manner
  • Contribute at meetings and gaining cooperation from others

The art of speaking 

  • Avoid the pitfalls – overcome the barriers to successful group speaking
  • Ensure your communication is clear, concise and easily understood
  • Plan and delivering an clear, concise and easily understood message
  • Deliver the message that is clearly understood and assimilated
  • Speak with meaning and intent
  • Speak confidently and calmly under pressure
  • Top tips for influence and credibility
  • Persuasive communication – gain others’ agreement
  • Enhance your questioning and listening skills
  • Create a positive impression when dealing with senior colleagues

Powerful presentations 

  • Profile your audience
  • Meet the needs of your audience
  • Establish rapport with your audience
  • Keep the audience engaged
  • Evoke thought and emotion
  • interact with your audience and thinking on your feet
  • Difficult people and questions

Personal Development

  • Coach Review
  • Prepare a personal action plan
  • Top tips to support your return to the workplace

This course is designed for professionals at all levels who are required to speak in front of others and wish to project a credible professional image and develop their skills and confidence


  • £449 Training only
  • £895 Training plus ILM Level 3 Award


  • Training only: 2 days
  • ILM Level 3 Award: depending on your pace of learning approximately 30-40 hours plus assesment

Training or Training plus ILM Qualification 

Course Fees includes:

  • Two days of high impact training
  • A total of Two hours online personal leadership coaching before and after training to help you build upon your strengths, challenge weaknesses and refine your leadership skills.
  • Delicious light lunch & refreshments
  • Course Handbook
  • Your customised written action plan

If you choose to study the ILM Level 3 Award in addition to the above you will also receive:

  • Access to Hallmark’s structured online learning site with a step by step study guide and access to extensive ILM leadership and Management resources to help you with your studies.
  • Unlimited access to a tutor to assist you in completing your studies, your assignment and applying your learning to working practices.
  • Membership to ILM
  • Your Level 3 qualification certification

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are confident you will feel that you have received a specialised learning experience unique to your needs. If you are not fully satisfied after completing up to 50% of your course we offer a 100% money back guarantee

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Communicate confidence and credibility in any professional arena