Becoming An Effective Team Leader

Team Leaders and line managers are pivotal in delivering an organisation’s strategy, standards and expectations. Being a team leader means being able to inspire the respect and confidence in your team to perform better and reach new levels of productivity.

This ILM accredited three day course will provide a comprehensive introduction to team leadership. You will be provided with the opportunity to develop your style, skills and techniques to meet the daily challenges your team faces and become an effective leader for your team.

During the first day of the course will learn what is required of the role and evaluate your leadership style and traits. Throughout the second day of the course you will learn how to effectively organise and direct your team through planning, organising to delegation and ensure standards are met.  On the final day of the course you will discover how to develop and motivate your team and effectively communicate in a range of work-based situations.

The small group settings of up to twelve candidates is designed to be highly participative and practical with significant time for individual guidance. Throughout this practical training and mentoring program you will learn valuable skills,  recognise how to maximise your strengths, challenge your limitations and refine your leadership skills.

In addition to training will also receive three hours of online or telephone sessions before and after training days with your dedicated Personal Leadership Mentor.

You may choose to attend the training sessions as a standalone programs  or continue to study this subject with Hallmark Online Learning to achieve:

The Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

You will be able to study for your Certificate at your own pace through Hallmark Online Learning.   You will receive:

  • Step by step structured learning materials
  • Unlimited tutorial support
  • Access to extensive management and leadership learning resources.
Leadership is not just a set of skills. It is something that comes from the inside that others believe in and want to follow. Let us help you to master the personal and professional skills of leading people,

Upon completion of this programme you will be able to:

  • Clearly understand the requirements of your role
  • Understand the dynamics of the  transition from team member to supervisor
  • Communicate effectively to your team and individuals
  • Plan and delegate the work of the team to meet the objectives of your organisation.
  • Inspire and motivate your team and individuals to achieve their maximum potential
  • Initiate challenging performance objectives with your team
  • Direct your team to meet customer service standards
  • Develop your personal style as a leader, coach, trainer and mentor
  • Manage conflict and challenging customers and employees
  • Work alongside your leadership consultant to identify your personal strengths and development needs
  • Create an action plan for  how you may develop yourself as a leader and develop your team

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Your role as team leader

  • The importance of your role in an organisation
  • Skills and traits of a team leader
  • Issues and challenges of the role
  • The fundamentals of the role
  • Developing and adapting your leadership style.

Make the transition 

  • Manage the transition from team member to team leader
  • How you role will change?
  • How to learn the role quickly?
  • Prioritise task in your role?

Plan, organise and delegate the work of the team

  • Methods of planning and organising
  • Time management
  • Prioritise activities and tasks
  • Effective delegation
  • Inform, consult and make decisions to deliver results
  • Gain commitment
  • Develop individual and team objectives
  • Manage team briefings – formal and informal

Manage performance

  • Set objectives, standards and targets
  • Monitor individual and team performance
  • Structure individuals and performance reviews
  • Rewards and recognition

Customer service standards

  • Understand and meet customer expectations
  • Implement standards for your team
  • Communicate with customers
  • Learn from performance failures
  • Deal with customer complaints and conflict situations

Effective communication 

  • Develop your leadership style
  • Communicate most effectively in different work based settings
  • Give, receive and respond to feedback
  • Influence others.

Get the best from individuals and the team

  • Inspirational leadership
  • Motivate for results
  • Create a proactive and positive team environment
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Coach and develop the team

Conflict and Stress Management 

  • Manage everyday stress
  • Manage the challenges of team leadership
  • Deal with conflict in the workplace
  • Manage negative influences
  • Diffuse confrontational situations

This course is ideal for potential and practicing team leaders who have gained little no formal leadership training. The course is also ideal for those making the transition from team member to manager.


  • £699 Training only
  • £1195 Training plus ILM Level 3 Certificate


  • Training only: 3 days
  • ILM Certificate: depending on your pace of learning – 100 – 130 hours plus assessment

Course Fees includes:

  • Three days of high impact training
  • A total of three hours online personal leadership coaching before and after training to help you build upon your strengths, challenge weaknesses and refine your leadership skills.
  • Delicious light lunch & refreshments
  • Course Handbook
  • Your customised written action plan

If you choose to study the ILM Level 3 Certificate in addition to the above you will also receive:

  • Access to Hallmark’s structured online learning site with a step by step study guide and access to extensive ILM leadership and Management resources to help you with your studies.
  • Unlimited access to a tutor to assist you in completing your studies, your assignment and applying your learning to working practices.
  • Membership to ILM
  • Your Level 3 qualification certification

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are confident you will feel that you have received a specialised learning experience unique to your needs. If you are not fully satisfied after completing up to 50% of your course we offer a 100% money back guarantee