Directing and Developing Your Team

The ILM accredited course focuses on Directional and Developmental Leadership. The three day training and coaching program will help you become proficient in ensuring effective performance through clear direction and facilitative support. You will learn how to lead with the most appropriate style for any given situation and increase your ability to motivate, empower and develop the talents of others.

The small group settings of up to twelve candidates is designed to be highly participative and practical with significant time for individual guidance. Throughout this practical training and mentoring program you will learn valuable skills,  recognise how to maximise your strengths, challenge your limitations and refine your leadership skills.

In addition to training will also receive three hours of online or telephone sessions before and after training days with your dedicated Personal Leadership Mentor.

You may choose to attend the training sessions as a standalone programs  or continue to study this subject with Hallmark Online Learning to achieve:

The Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

You will be able to study your Certificate at your own pace through Hallmark Online Learning.   You will receive:

  • Step by step structured learning materials
  • Unlimited tutorial support
  • Access to extensive management and leadership learning resources.
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Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills, influential communication skills and the ability to inspire motivate others
  • Solve problems and make effective decisions to remove barriers to efficiency
  • Successfully coach and train team members to improve overall performance
  • Plan, implement and evaluate complex team activities in the workplace
  • Design an action plan to develop yourself as a leader

Define your role as manager

  • Identify organisational goals, expectations and needs
  • Achieve the targets and outcomes of your manager and your team
  • Assess and redefine your management and leadership style
  • Identify your professional strengths and development needs
  • Understand the perceptions of the team
  • Develop credibility, rapport and trust
  • Key communication skills of leaders

The directional leader

  • Understand corporate objectives and translate them into day-to-day work
  • Define your team’s direction and inspire others to follow
  • Link individual and organisational goals
  • Set clear targets and expectations
  • Delegate responsibility and empowerment within the team
  • Prioritise work and work tasks
  • Time management, scheduling and meeting deadlines
  • Facilitative coaching techniques
  • Collaborative team problem solving
  • Focus on results  to develop the self managed team

The developmental leader 

  • Your role in the development of peers and colleagues
  • Assess individual and team development needs
  • Identify and promote talent in your team
  • The art and skills for training and coaching
  • Give effective and constructive feedback
  • Motivational and engagement techniques
  • Staff involvement & empowerment
  • Create the environment and opportunities for others to develop and progress
  • Motivational feedback, recognition and reward

This course is ideal for practising and potential middle managers with limited formal training or those who wish to enhance their leadership competencies.


  • £899 Training Only
  • £1599 Training plus ILM Level 5 Certificate


  • Training only: 3 days
  • ILM Certificate: depending on your pace of learning – 100 – 130 hours plus assessment

Course Fees include:

  • Three days of high impact training
  • A total of three hours online personal leadership coaching before and after training to help you build upon your strengths, challenge weaknesses and refine your leadership skills.
  • Delicious light lunch & refreshments
  • Course Handbook
  • Your customised written action plan

If you choose to study the ILM Level 5 Certificate in addition to the above you will also receive:

  • Access to Hallmark’s structured online learning site with a step by step study guide and access to extensive ILM leadership and Management resources to help you with your studies.
  • Unlimited access to a tutor to assist you in completing your studies, your assignment and applying your learning to working practices.
  • Membership to ILM
  • Your Level 5 qualification certification

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are confident you will feel that you have received a specialised learning experience unique to your needs. If you are not fully satisfied after completing up to 50% of your course we offer a 100% money back guarantee

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