Developing Teams

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Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management

Developing a team can take many forms, It may involve such as:

  • Setting clear goals and key performance indicators for the team and communicating these clearly to everyone. Everyone needs to be clear about how they fit into the team’s overall delivery of objectives in order to feel fully motivated and engaged
  • Encouraging staff to reflect on both strategic goals and everyday activities and suggest improvements
  • Creating opportunities for team communications and to build positive working relationships within the team – for example team meetings, the occasional social event or lunch together, or team away-days
  • Giving feedback both to individuals and the team – celebrating success and recognising people for their effort during busy or difficult periods to make people feel valued and to build team cohesion
  • Setting projects or a challenge to team members so that they work together to develop specific skills and learn to work more closely for a common goal.

Hallmark’s Developing Teams programmes focus on developing a range of leadership competencies for identifying individual and team needs, motivating, directing and developing teams and creating high performing teams.

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