High Performance Leadership

There are many indicators of leadership effectiveness, including performance of the leaders team, preparedness to deal with challenge and follower engagement and commitment. The effectiveness of a leader depends on individual competencies. This highly effective customised one-to one training and coaching program provides an opportunity to assess your skills and abilities as leader and develop seven core competencies essential for high impact leadership  

This high impact customised one-to-one training and coaching program is offered over a period of three days.

You will learn, develop and practice a full range of high impact leadership skills. Your dedicated coach will help you maximise your strengths, challenge your limitations and refine your skills.

You will also be provided online or telephone one-to-one coaching before and after the three day program. These additional sessions will support you through your learning journey to help you reflect, develop and fine tune your newly learned skills as you implement them into your working practices.

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Upon Completion of the programme you will: 

  • Demonstrate conceptual skills required of leaders in which you will be able to analyse problems and plan for the future of your team, monitor performance, conceptualise ideas and develop practical timely solutions.
  • Develop interpersonal skills of an effective leader who is able to inspire, guide and support and develop a high performing team.

Self Evaluation

  • Identify your organisational goals, expectations and needs and identifying your gaps in performance
  • Recognise the impact of your personal actions and behaviours on those around you.
  • Evaluating and adapting your leadership style
  • Build on your strengths and challenging your weaknesses.

 Clarify roles and objectives

  • Define your team’s direction and inspire others to follow
  • Link individual and organisational goals
  • Clarifying objectives and priorities
  • Supporting team members subordinates to determine their own path to achievement

Planning and solve problems

  • Learn how to identify, formulate flexible, pragmatic strategies
  • Plans to accomplish objectives
  • Analyzing problems in a systematic and timely manner
  • Acting decisively to implement creative, practical solutions

Monitoring Performance 

  • Knowing how to detect performance problems
  • Identifying subordinates who need coaching or assistance in accomplishing their work objectives.
  • Providing appropriate recognition for subordinate achievements
  • Evaluating performance of subordinates accurately

Inspirational leadership

  • Key communication skills of leaders
  • Communicate to a credible image, build rapport and trust.
  • Building follower confidence.
  • Motivating your team
  • Leading through adversity.
  • stimulate followers to question old assumptions and beliefs

Supportive leadership 

  • Your role in the development of peers and colleagues
  • Identify and promote talent in your team
  • Core skills for training and coaching
  • Create the environment and opportunities for others to develop and progress

Participative leadership

  • Understand the value of participative leadership style
  • How to improve team performance through shared decision making
  • Knowing when and how to delegate



  • Recognizing a variety of different types of behaviours, achievements and contributions
  • Creative ways to provide recognition
  • Determining allocation of rewards

Leadership Development Plan

  • Identifying Leadership development needs
  • Designing Your Personal Action Plan

Who should attend?

This ILM Customised Endorsed Training and Coaching Development is for practising and potential middle managers, senior managers and executives who want to improve a broad range of leadership competencies to facilitate peak performance in their organisation.

Hallmark Coaching and Mentoring Development programme is for those who value a personal customised programme which combines leadership training and mentoring with added coaching support over an eight week period whilst you implement learning into your working practices.


  • Three days Customised One-to-One Training £1999
  • Three days Customised Training Plus ILM Level 5 Award £2699
  • Three days Customised Training Plus ILM level 5 Certificate £3399


  • Training only: 3 days
  • ILM Award: depending on your pace of learning approximately 30-40 hours plus assesment
  • ILM Certificate: depending on your pace of learning – 100 – 130 hours plus assessment

Training or Training plus ILM Qualification 

Course Fees includes:

  • Three full days of high impact training
  • Your Personal Leadership Consultant to help you implement your learning into the workplace and overcome personal work based challenges.
  • Delicious light lunch & refreshments
  • Your Customised Course Handbook
  • Your written action plan

If you choose to study the ILM Award or Certificate in addition to the above you will also receive:

  • Access to Hallmark’s structured online learning site with extensive ILM resources to help you with your studies.
  • Unlimited access to a tutor to assist you in completing your assignment or handling work challenges.
  • Unlimited support from your Professional Leadership Consultant
  • Membership to ILM
  • Your Level 3 qualification certification

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are confident you will feel that you have received a specialised learning experience unique to your needs. If you are not fully satisfied after completing up to 50% of your course we offer a 100% money back guarantee

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Reflect upon and improve your leadership style, and your ability to engage, motivate and encourage high performance in team members.