Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management

The ILM Level 5 Diploma will help you gain a thorough grounding in your role and responsibilities as a middle manager and will provide you with the opportunity to consolidate and further develop a comprehensive set of key skills you need at this level.

This qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals who aim to move up the next level in their career.

What does it cover?

Skills – Each unit in this qualification focuses on a specific set of skills and knowledge,covering five of the following broad areas.

Working with people – Through effective communication skills and building excellent customer relations

Development – Managing yourself and personal skills focuses on assessing and developing individual leadership performance, and developing critical thinking

Providing direction – Through delegating authority effectively and  making informed management decisions

Change – Facilitating innovation and change  through build a culture of continued improvement, and lead people through change

Achieving results – Through developing people and teams to achieve organizational goals


Asian Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom Table

Providing clear and measurable benefits to career-minded professionals who aim to move up the next level in their career.

Upon completion of the course learners will be able to:

  • Use core management techniques to drive better results
  • Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire
  • Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management
  • Benchmark your managerial skills
  • Raise your profile in your organisation
  • Make an impact on the organisation by encouraging strategic thinking at this level of management, to foster business improvement

Upon completion of this course, and submission of a successful assessments you’ll receive an ILM  Level 5 Diploma  from The Institute of Leadership and Management as a  Level5 Diploma in Leadership and Management  (Level 5 on the Qualifications Credit Framework  Broadly equates to a second year of a bachelors degree.)

The assessment requirements for the course will be to create an action plan which will be relevant to your working role. You will be able to utilize this action plan by transferring the skills and knowledge from this course and implement improvements in your role and your workplace.

You also will be able to apply to become an Member of the Institute.  This means that you will be able to use the following letters after your name “MinstLM” which will make your CV stand out from the rest!

This valuable professional qualification will enhance your prospects of employment or advancement, and enhance your impact with customers, fellow professionals and employers.

Programme Overview :

Core Units

Becoming an effective leader

Developing and leading teams to achieve organizational goals

Delegating Authority in the workplace

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Managing Customer relations

Leading Innovation And Change

Managing Efficiency and effectiveness

Candidates may choose from the following course options totalling a minimum of nine credits:

Developing a Culture to support Innovation and Change ( 3 credits)

Management Communication  (4 credits)

Assessing Own Leadership Capability (6 credits )

Managing Stress and Conflict in the organisation (3 credits )

Solving problems and Making Decisions (3 credits)

Managing meetings (3 credits)

Making professional Presentations (2 credits)

Managing for efficiency and effectiveness (4 credits)

Who should attend?

This qualification is designed for new and aspiring middle managers, general managers, department heads, and other practising middle managers who aim to develop skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities.


  • Online Diploma with Guided Tutorials £1599
  • Diploma Plus Five Days Training with Monthly Leadership Coaching Support £2499


  • ILM Diploma: depending on your pace of learning – 300 – 360 hours plus assessment.

Diploma or Diploma plus Training  

Online Level 5 Diploma Only:

  • Access to Hallmark’s structured online learning site with extensive ILM learning resources to help you with your studies.
  • Unlimited assistance from your dedicated tutor to assist you in completing your assignment and applying your learning to working practices.
  • Membership to ILM
  • Your Level 5 Qualification Certification

Level 5 Diploma Plus 5 Days Practical Leadership Training

In addition to the above you will also receive:

  • Five full days of high impact practical training
  • Up to six hours telephone coaching with your dedicated leadership coach . Your coach will help you apply your learning to the workplace, build upon your strengths, refine your leadership skills and tackle work based challenges.
  • Delicious light lunch & refreshments
  • Training Course Handbook
  • Your work based action plan

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are confident you will feel that you have received a specialised learning experience unique to your needs. If you are not fully satisfied after completing up to 50% of your course we offer a 100% money back guarantee

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